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10-Ch Pneumatics CAN

  • 10x feedback digital inputs.
  • 2 x 24Vdc digital inputs.
  • 2 x 24Vdc digital outputs.
  • 1 x (0.. +10Vdc) Analog Output.
  • Pressure sensor integrated
  • CAN Control (or Ethernet with Ethernet to CAN Gateway)
  • Drivers dll & VIs available

The YAV90PNE is a complete “plug & play” pneumatics subsystem controlled by CAN, for ATEs with Virginia Panel receiver. Thanks to this module, pneumatics actuators that are commonly used in the fixture side of an ATE, can be controlled. 10 3-way micro-valves are able to contorl 10 simple effect actuators or else 5 double effect ones. The module includes input for the position sensors. A pressure sensor is also included, so that the system air mains working pressure can be set between a minimum and a maximum.

When the YAV90PNE isf used together with redundant safety pressure release valves, Category 4 can be reached for the safety function affecting the pneumatics of the ATE.


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