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SCXI-1346, Shielded, 68 Pin Male Connector, Multi-Chassis Cable Adapter


The SCXI-1346  is meant for applications involving multi-chassis SCXI because it can join them to one DAQ device. This Cable Adapter has two cable connections. One connection is for signals from the digitizer or a former SCXI chassis, while the second connection is used to route the digitizer’s signals to the subsequent chassis. The SH68-68-EP (Part Numbers: 184749-01, 1 m cable; 184749-02, 2 m cable; 184749-05, 5 m cable; or 184749-10, 10 m cable) can be purchased separately and used with the NI SCXI 1346. This Cable Adapter has a mounting bracket for dependable attachment to the SCXI chassis.

The SCXI 1346 has four connectors. The first connector is a 68-pin male connector on the front panel with To Next Chassis printed on it. The next connector is another 68-pin male connector on the front panel with From DAQ Board or Previous Chassis printed on it. The third connector is a 50-pin male breakout connector on the printed-circuit board. The last connector is also a 50-pin connector but is a bracket-mounted female on the back of the Cable Adapter.

Part Number: 776574-46




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