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SCXI-1306, 32 pairs of screw terminals, Front End Terminal Block


The NI SCXI-1306  was created to be used with the SCXI-1503 RTD Module. This Terminal Block is shielded to allow swift, simple signal connections and mounts easily to the front of the module. The SCXI 1306 has 16 pairs of screw terminals for differential input signals and 16 additional pairs of screw terminals for current excitation signals.

The National Instruments SCXI-1306 Terminal Block can perform 2-, 3-, and 4-wire resistive measurements of transducers, which includes RTDs and thermistors. Every channel can be configured for voltage or resistive measurements. There are two switches for every channel, which can be utilized to choose the measurement type. In addition, the 16 differential analog channels can be utilized to complete floating and grounded voltage measurements. Thermocouple measurements are characteristic for a floating measurement. For floating or grounded voltage measurements, the user can link the voltage source to the analog input screw terminals. Then, the user can modify the switch positions, based on the type of signal they are measuring. When the user is measuring floating signals, they can link the negative input to the internal ground of the SCXI-1503 RTD Module.

Part Number: 779698-01 




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