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SCXI-1301, 20 Screw Terminals, Terminal Block

Part Number: 777687-01


The SCXI 1301 (Part Number: 777687-01) has 20 screw terminals, which can link signals to the SCXI-1140 module with little difficulty.  There are eight pairs of screw terminals that can be linked to the eight differential inputs of the SCXI-1140 module, two screw terminals that link to the AGND of the module, and more screw terminals that link to the HOLD signal as well as the functional chassis ground. The NI SCXI-1301 can additionally be mounted to the front of the SCXI-1181 and SCXI-1181K modules. This Terminal Block is shielded, which ensures simple and swift signal connections.

When the user is linking signals to the model, they can follow the labeling on the SCXI-1301, which can be found in the user manual. To join the SCXI-1301 Terminal Block to the front connector of an SCXI module, first attach the Terminal Block to the mating connector on the module front connector. The user can then tighten the top and bottom thumbscrews on the rear of the SCXI-1301 to keep it set firmly.

To utilize the National Instruments SCXI 1301 Screw Terminal Block, these items are required: a wire cutter, a wire insulation stripper, long-nose pliers, a 1/8 in. flathead screwdriver, Number 1 and 2 Philips-head screwdrivers, an SCXI module, an SCXI chassis, and the Installation Guide. The user should note that uninsulated wire reaching past the screw terminal increases the hazard of short circuiting nearby signals, which can result in the failure of the circuit.



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