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PXIe-2727, 9-Channel, PXI Programmable Resistor Module

Part Number: 781986-27


he National Instruments PXIe-2727 (Part Number: 781986-27Programmable Resistor Module is a test module that simulates the behavior of resistance-based inputs and is configurable as a potentiometer, resistance temperature detector (RTD), voltage divider, and bridge element. The NI PXIe-2727 is a 9-channel, 16-bit Programmable Resistor Module that has the capability of outputting resistance values up to 16 kiloohm in 0.25 ohm steps.

For channel set between 20 Ω and 64 Ω, the channel accuracy is <5.0%, whereas the accuracy is <2.0% for channel set between 64 Ω and 255 Ω. For channel set between 20 Ω and 40 Ω, channel accuracy is <10.0%; <5.0% for channel set between 40 Ω and 120 Ω, <2.0% for Channel set between 120 Ω and 400 Ω, and <1.0% for Channel set between 400 Ω and 16,000 Ω. Channel accuracy is a function of the complete resistor accuracy, relay and trace path resistance, along with any effects of temperature.

This module has 0.3 A maximum current per channel and 0.25 W maximum power for each channel. There is a simultaneous drive limit of 161 relays. The operating temperature of the PXIe2727 is 0 °C to 55 °C and the storage temperature should be within the range of -20 °C to 70 °C. The dimensions (L × W × H) of the NI PXIe‑2727 PXI Programmable Resistor Module are 21.6 × 2.0 × 13.0 cm (8.5 × 0.8 × 5.1 in.) and it weighs 323 g (11.3 oz).


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