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PXI-8331, 10m Copper Cable, MXI-4 Interface Module

Part Number: 778955-01, 778955-02


The NI PXI-8331  Interface Module gives PCs direct control of PXI frameworks by utilizing MXI-4 innovation. This module can be utilized to connect numerous PXI chassis in a daisy-chain or star arrangement in one system. This interface couples to physically isolate buses with a copper data link capable for 1.5 Gbit/s serial data rates. The MXI-4 innovation enables the PXI-8331 module to be utilized as though it is a PCI module straightforwardly introduced to a PC. This Interface Module can be paired with a PCI-8331 or with another PXI-8331. Part number 778955-01 has connections for copper cables, while part number 778955-02 has a copper interface (3.3V or 5V).




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