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PXI-2570, 40 MHz, 100 V, PXI Relay Module

Part Number: 778572-70


The PXI-2570 PXI Relay Module (Part Number: 778572-70) is equipped with 40 individual SPDT (Form C), latching relays. The NI PXI-2570 optimizes relay density in one PXI slot. Each relay comprises a normally closed (NC), normally open (NO), along with a common (COM) terminal. Since there are 40 channels on the module, the user can switch a few hundred ATE loads in one PXI chassis or a great quantity of channels in a numerous-chassis configuration. It has a switch bandwidth of 40 MHz.

This module also offers automatic scanning; it can expand throughput in computerized test applications by the utilization of scanning. Scanning enhances throughput by downloading a list of as many as 32,000 associations with the switch and cycling through the list utilizing an event (trigger) with no intrusion from the host processor. Scanning is most productively achieved by matching the PXI-2570 with an instrument such as the NI PXI-4070 6 1⁄2-digit FlexDMM, which initiates a trigger after every estimation.



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