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DLT -80

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Dry Ice Logger

USB temperature datalogger for dry ice transport application.
Blind version with internal PT1000 sensor for measurements down
to -80°C.
Complies with EN 12830 with battery suitable for air transport.
LED alarm indicators, two user keys “GO” to start and stop the
instrument, “MARK” to record an event (e.g. opening the package or
refrigerator in which it is used)
Possibility to export data both in PDF and Excel format.
Multilingual software (ITALIAN, English, German, French, Spanish),
integrated in the instrument, does not need to install any software
or driver.
Furthermore, it does not require any interface, it connects directly
to the PC via the USB port mounted on board.
Multi-purpose tool, programmable and usable several times, non-replaceable battery average duration 2 years.

Technical features:
Measurement range: -80÷+70 °C.
Resolution 0.1°C.
Accuracy: ±0.5°C over the entire range
Memory: 48,000 readings
Recording intervals: 30sec, 5min, 10min, 30min, 60min, 90min,
LED: indication of start of recording, alarm threshold exceeded, low
IP65 protection (with the USB protective cap)
Battery: 1 pre-installed 3.6V lithium battery.
Dimensions: 104×28.8×10.5mm
Weight: 20g


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