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PXI 32-Channel Digital I/O, Programmable Threshold, Parallel I/P Acquisition





A 32-channel Digital I/O module with high output voltage and current capability and a dual variable threshold input.

Each of the 32 channel outputs can be used to drive the output high or low using a high current capacity drive capable of sourcing 0.4A from the high side or 0.5A sink on the low side for each channel. The module is available in two versions with either serial or parallel capture of the input levels.

Key Features

  •  Dual Programmable Voltage Threshold, 0.3 to 50V
  •  Serial or Parallel Acquisition Versions
  •  High Input Voltage Tolerance
  •  32-Channel Output with High Side or Low Side Driving
  •  0.5A Low Side Sink Capability, 0.4A High Side Source Capability
  •  Fully Protected Outputs
  •  High Side External Voltage Input
  •  Drivers supplied for Windows and Linux, plus support for Real-time systems
  •  Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
  •  3 Year Warranty
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