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PXI 75 x Normally Closed Relay 1A 60W




The 40-145/46/48 range of high density switching modules are available in Normally Open (SPST & DPST) and changeover (SPDT) configurations. Connections are made via a front panel 200 pin female connector.

Front Panel Connector
This product is based on the obsolete Molex LFH series connector that has been superseded by a Pickering commissioned form, fit, function equivalent. The new connector series is 100% compatible with the Molex connectors allowing either gender of Pickering connector to mate with the corresponding Molex part without issue.
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Note: This product has been updated to include PXIe options, for applications that would benefit from this feature please refer to the 40/42-145A-101-NC module.

Key Features

  •  SPST Choice of 50, 75, or 100 Relays Per Module
  •  DPST Choice of 25, or 50 Relays Per Module
  •  SPDT Choice of 32, 48, or 64 Relays Per Module
  •  SPST Normally Closed, Choice of 50, 75, or 100 Relays Per Module
  •  Electromechanical High Density Relays
  •  Pin Compatible With 40-140 Reed Relay Modules
  •  Operating Speed 3ms Typical
  •  Switching up to 150V/1A/60W
  •  VISA/IVI & Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows
  •  Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
  • Supported by eBIRST Switching System Test Tools
  •  3 Year Warranty
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